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Natalie Portman is looking the favourite in the hunt for the lead female role for Ridley Scott's Alien prequel. The person she'll have to beat? Noomi Rapace.

With Lost's key player Damon Lindelof having recently finished a new draft of the script, Scott is still casting about for his feisty female star. And Natalie Portman is pretty much available, now that she's dropped out of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (which she's producing) and also dropped out of Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity.

Studio peeps seem pleased with Lindelof's work so far, with the leading role taking the form of a female military general. Scott's been meeting with a lot of actresses in the preparation for what is generally thought to be a return to the original Alien's suspenseful horror feel. The director's already met with Noomi and liked her a lot, but Natalie Portman is top of the list, and a pretty solid choice too. There's only one way to settle this... FIGHT!



Oh, Captain von Trapp! The number of times I've swooned over Christopher Plummer through the years. Well, he's not finished yet. After his first Oscar nomination for The Last Station, he's now joining another impressive cast for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

David Fincher's remake of the Swedish thriller has picked up Plummer to play wealthy patriarch of the Vanger family, Henrik. He's the guy who hires journalist Mikael Blomkvist to investigate the murder of his niece, Harriet Vanger.

As dark family secrets fall out the IKEA closets, up pops Rooney Mara as sociopathic hacker Lisbeth Salander. She and Blomkvist hunt through the Vanger's shady past, while people like Robin Wright turn up as Blomkvist's colleague Erika Berger. Stellan Skarsgard also appears as Henrik's nephew, Martin Vanger.

With a cast like that, Steven Zaillian's script is sure of a decent delivery. Not to mention the fact that Fincher's at the helm. Now all the main roles are filled, this remake should soon join Let Me In as arguably pointless, but pretty impressive.



Jared Harris will play Professor Moriarty in Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes 2.

After months of speculation, Mad Men's Harris has signed on as Sherlock's nemesis for Ritchie's sequel. Jared, son of Richard Harris, is best know for his role as Lane Pryce in the TV series. He's also appeared in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Igby Goes Down.

The role of Moriarty was originally rumoured to be played by Brad Pitt after Sherlock Holmes' teaser ending. But the subtle and excellently likeable Harris has taken the part in what is a brilliant and wise casting decision - his stuffy Brit is fast becoming one of Mad Men's best characters. He could easily be an arch villain. Just look at those eyebrows.

Harris joins Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law, both returning along with director Guy Ritchie. The cast also includes Noomi Rapace and Stephen Fry as Sherlock's brother, Mycroft.

For those doubting Jared's acting abilities, I remind you that he is the man who recently held a steak to his crotch on national television. And then did a great impression of a Japanese onlooker in the Godzilla movie rip-off Gamera. He drank heavily throughout both.

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Now that Noomi Rapace is in on the sequel, Sherlock Holmes has got itself someone to play Mycroft Holmes. That someone is Stephen Fry.

Yes, the actor, comedian, writer and all-round King of Twitter has signed on to play the sleuth's older brother in Sherlock Holmes 2. Guy Ritchie's sequel will include Sherlock's mysterious sibling, which the excellent Mark Gatiss recently played in BBC's Sherlock, who is often portrayed as wiser than Sherlock, and more involved with the government's shadier dealings.

Fry made the announcement on Danny Baker's BBC radio show. The role sees Stephen continue to build a reputation in America following his TV series Stephen Fry in America and occasional appearances on US show Bones. He joins the returning stars of the first Sherlock Holmes movie, Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law.

Written by Kieran and Michele Mulroney, Sherlock Holmes 2 starts production next month. The aim is to have it all packaged and shipped out for Friday 16th December next year. By which time we'll hopefully know who will be playing Moriarty...



It's only a matter of weeks before The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Next lands in UK cinemas, and now the trailer has been debuted by Lovefilm.

The final part of Stieg Larsson’s Millenium trilogy, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest follows directly on from events in The Girl Who Played with Fire - Lisbeth Salander is in hospital and will be put on trial for attempted murder as soon as she steps outside. Enter Mikael Blomkvist to prove her innocence. Again.

Directed back-to-back with number two by Daniel Afredson, Hornet's Nest sees the return of Noomi Rapace as the enigmatic hacker, along with Michael Nyqvist as Blomkvist. Unearthing more of Lisbeth's past, it's a thrilling conclusion to an impressive trilogy of novels. Hopefully the film will be closer to the standard of the first adaptation.

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest is out on Thursday 25th November. Check out the trailer at Lovefilm, or read on for the whole video.

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Following her recent trip to Hollywood, Noomi Rapace has signed on to star in Sherlock Holmes 2.

Since The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo first hit cinemas, Rapace's intense performance as Lisbeth Salander has won her fans all over the industry. Now, the 30 year old actress will be taking on her first English-speaking role.

Work on Guy Ritchie's sequel has been speeding up over the months, with no official word yet on who will be playing Holmes' nemesis Moriarty. Speculation about the appearance of Mycroft, Sherlock's brother, is also doing the rounds. Until now, the only confirmed news has been that Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law will both return as Holmes and Dr Watson.

As for Rapace, she may well follow Rachel McAdams' steps and play a love interest for one of the two gents. She may even be a villain. Some sources are suggesting she'll be playing a French gypsy for some reason. Either way, she's bound to be impressive.

Shooting starts on Sherlock by the end of the year, with Ritchie's second outing now suffering from even higher expectations: they'll somehow have to top the BBC's recent take on the deerstalking detective. 


Director: Daniel Alfredson
Cast: Noomi Rapace, Mikael Nyqvist, Mikael Spreitz, Peter Andersson, Georgi Staykov
Certificate: 15

After showing the world what she could do with a golf club, a motorbike and a laptop, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo has returned. But unlike her first cinema outing, expectations are higher. Also unlike last time, both the writing and direction have changed hands. Although that's not always a bad thing, you can certainly tell. 

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Everyone's favourite sociopath hacker is making friends in Hollywood. Yes, Noomi Rapace - the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - has turned heads around the world with her performances as the heavily-pierced seriously-unstable Lisbeth Salander. And now, as the sequel arrives in cinemas next week, rumours are running around that she's lining up a few new movies.

Top of the list are Sherlock Holmes and Mission: Impossible. If Warner Bros get their way, Rapace will be up alongside Robert Downey Jr in Sherlock's second outing (their babies would be interesting to look at), and if Paramount get theirs, she'll be ducking and diving with Tom Cruise when Ethan Hunt returns in M:I 4.

But that's not all. She's also had talks with James McTeigue for The Raven, Tommy Wirkola (for that Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters movie), and even McG. For This Means War, not for Transformers 3. She's supposedly also met with Ridley Scott, but no-one knows why.

Deadline reports that, most of all, Hollywood are stumped to see that those piercings can come out: "They're shocked to find she's nothing like Lisbeth. They go into the meeting to ask if they have a villain, and they leave wondering if they have a female lead."

That's all part of Noomi Rapace's charm, of course. Find out how unscary she is in our Q&A with her. Then check out the trailer for her next appearance as Lisbeth Salander, in The Girl who Played with Fire. That's out here next Friday.



As The Girl who Played with Fire blazes into cinemas - following the wonderfully excellent The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - things are heating up in Stieg Larrson's Millenium Trilogy. Not only is Lisbeth Salander now accused of murder and on the run from the police, but David Fincher is planning to remake the first film. In English. With Daniel Craig. And some girl from Nightmare on Elm Street (Rooney Mara).

But what about Noomi Rapace? As she negotiates a wave of Hollywood success, here's your chance to learn a little more about the enigmatic actress. Including the piercings and motorbike skills - all of which are real. A self-taught talent, she cut her hair and took boxing lessons for the part. She's the real deal, the actual Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Except for one thing: the tattoo itself. That's the only fake bit.

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