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Out today: Chained Print E-mail
Written by Ivan Radford   
Friday, 01 February 2013 16:20

Last year at FrightFest, I watched a film called Chained, a grisly, nasty film about a boy held captive and subsequently raised by the evil bloke who murdered his mum. At the time, I felt it was unpleasant, grim and pieced together with some badly thought-out flashbacks that mistakenly tried to explain its villain.

I still agree with all of that. But now, I quite like it.

What's changed? Perhaps it's just having time to think it over, or perhaps it's because I've watched Despite the Gods since, a documentary about Jennifer Lynch's struggle to make her film before Chained.

“People called Boxing Helena torture porn,” she says in the film. “I wrote it when I was 19. Why would I write torture porn when I was 19?”

That reputation and controversy has dogged David Lynch's daughter for the rest of her career, one that can encourage an audience to jump to conclusions about a film's intentions. Looking back after several months, I find myself appreciating the claustrophobic unpleasantness of the film. Its provocative exploration of nature and nurture feels less graphic and intentionally hostile and more quietly intelligent.

The flashbacks are still dreadful, though.

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